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Tip Program: PN-III: National Research-Development & Innovation Plan

Established following the Government Decree 583/2015, the plan is the main instrument for implementing the National Strategy for RDI 2014-2020 (SNCDI 2020), which establishes the national public investment mechanisms through which funds are competitively allocated for the realization of projects within the 5 programs of the plan.



In the context of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the tendency to use autonomous UAS-type systems is the right choice, since they allow the intervention of remote human operators in risk areas, without endangering the ground operational teams.


Lightweight reinforced thermoPLASTic MATerials for vacuum thermoformed encapsulation applications in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.


Commercial aircraft and aviation in general face in flight the appearance of turbulent fields, which requires changes in airplane trajectory in order to avoid as much as possible the danger to aircraft and passengers.


The project aims to develop some contributions to the theory of delayed differential equations (DDE) and switched systems by developing, mainly, necessary and sufficient conditions for stability of equilibrium points and reducing the conservativeness of sufficient conditions given by the use of multiple Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals.


INCAS has initiated an original methodology possible to be implemented in blowdown wind tunnels (e.g. INCAS Supersonic Wind Tunnel) and possible to be adapted for large industrial wind tunnels (e.g. NASA, TsAGI). However, additional research is needed to establish a credible scientific foundation for designing supersonic aircraft with low sonic booms and to develop improved experimental evaluation tools in relevant environment at higher TRL (TRL > 6).


The main objective of the project is designing, achieving and testing the prototype of an innovative UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) TRL 8 level (complete system, certified by tests and demonstrations that will be used by the project beneficiary in specific national security enforcement applications).
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