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INCAS has initiated an original methodology possible to be implemented in blowdown wind tunnels (e.g. INCAS Supersonic Wind Tunnel) and possible to be adapted for large industrial wind tunnels (e.g. NASA, TsAGI). However, additional research is needed to establish a credible scientific foundation for designing supersonic aircraft with low sonic booms and to develop improved experimental evaluation tools in relevant environment at higher TRL (TRL > 6).

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October, 2020
Dată început proiect
April, 2022
Dată sfârșit proiect

Development of Sonic Bang Evaluation Capability for New Supersonic Transport Aircraft Configurations.

wtBOOM project will further develop state-of-the-art experimental technologies generated at INCAS and implement them in the INCAS Supersonic Wind Tunnel, a unique TRL 4/5 facility with outstanding capabilities for aviation research. The major objective for proposed work is for:

  • Mature at TRL 4 INCAS overall experimental environment for sonic boom evaluation, starting from existing state-of-the-art integrated design and testing framework. This will be focused on close field sonic boom evaluation capability in INCAS Supersonic Wind Tunnel for realistic configurations for the next generation SuperSonic Transport aircraft (SST);
  • Validate experimental technologies for testing at TRL 4 for supersonic aircraft configurations and N-wave signature in close field array. The focus will be on joint cross-correlation between pressure field measurements using dynamic rotating Kulite matrix and digital Schlieren images;
  • Preliminary assessment for basic aircraft configuration (e.g. as emerging from ATLLAS-II EU Project) with respect to sonic boom characteristics, as a preliminary phase towards MDO process dedicated to a future supersonic transport aircraft configuration.

The proposed work is based on several patents at INCAS ( e.g. sensor patent) and advanced research performed in-house by INCAS (at TRL 2/3) in order to continuously upgrade experimental capabilities in the Supersonic Wind Tunnel and as a continuation for the work performed in EU FP7 project ATLLAS-II dedicated to the development of key technologies for future supersonic transport aircraft.

Additional information can be obtained at I.N.C.A.S. Bucharest
Project Manager

Eng. Catalin NAE
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