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The main objective of the project is designing, achieving and testing the prototype of an innovative UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) TRL 8 level (complete system, certified by tests and demonstrations that will be used by the project beneficiary in specific national security enforcement applications).

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UAV platform (unmanned aerial vehicle) with dedicated capabilities and support infrastructure with applications in national security missions

The UASs became essential in this century, both for military and civilian purposes, as well as in scientific and economic activities. Even if the current drones are quite complex, the national security needs a system updated with new technologies for a better accomplishment of missions performed in a safely way, especially in unsegregated civil airspace and under hostile conditions.

The unmanned aircraft system (UAS) includes several essential subsystems (components), such as: unmanned vehicle (UAV), payload, navigation subsystems, command station, launch and recovery subsystems, communication subsystems and support subsystems (maintenance, transport, etc.).

INCAS has a very long history with unmanned aircraft system. It developed the first drone/UAV for training and aerial surveillance missions – the IAR-T with civil and military destinations in 1997.

Building on the experience gained over the years, INCAS is currently at the forefront of developing UAVs. INCAS is integrating this experience in an ambitious project, along with the consortium partners in order to develop a global innovative type of UAS to be used in specific applications/missions aiming to strengthen national security.

Additional information can be obtained at I.N.C.A.S. Bucharest
Project Manager

Eng. Dragos Daniel ION-GUTA
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