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Advanced Materials and Tribology

The laboratory is intended for research in Advanced Materials and Tribology.

The laboratory is intended for research in Advanced Materials and Tribology.

The laboratory of advanced materials is intended for the design and definition of the structural architecture of fiber-based polymetric composites, control of the structural network by adding composite materials, synthesis of polymer nanocomposite systems based on nanopowders, analysis of architectural changes in composite matrix structure the composition of the resin for the realization of functional composite materials.

The laboratory also contributes to the optimization of the quantified distribution process of nanoadditives and macro reinforcing materials – defect control by ultra-sonication / morphological evaluation and fluid rheology, control of nanoadditive distribution and analysis at the interface of changes induced by chemical treatments on reinforcing materials.

At the same time, the laboratory allows tests on modified reinforcing materials, morpho-structural analyses for surface reactivity by creating micro-pores or adherent areas on the surface of filaments, as well as chemical treatments on reinforcing materials to change the morphology and increase the surface roughness of fibers. In this way the adhesion is improved by increasing the wettability of the filament surfaces by the resin.

The tribology laboratory is dedicated to research in the field of lubrication, focusing on the development and evaluation of solid lubricating materials, including polymers, nanocomposites, thin films and biodegradable lubricants and their application in wear and extreme environments (especially in space and applications). Mainly the laboratory allows the evaluation of the tribological behavior of hybrid composites based on nanofilament thermoplastic matrix with fiber reinforcement with high friction / wear properties, as well as the tribological study of PA6 / nanoadditive composites. In particular, for the aerospace industry, the laboratory conducts research on lubrication processes, friction and wear studies on contact surfaces (hydrodynamic, dry or limit), the study of wear factors on turbomotors and rocket engines.

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