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Tip Program: CEEX

Proposes concrete actions to strengthen the Romanian Research Area, so that the units and institutions in Romania cope with the level of performance in this field and the requirements imposed by the status of member country of the European Union since 2007.



Placing satellite objects at low and medium altitudes still requires the consumption of very large financial and technical resources, which limits access to the utilities offered by such orbital stations (usually without human personnel).


The proposed project has as its major orientation the irrigation of agricultural surfaces located both in hilly areas and in plain areas, areas where the frequency and intensity of air currents is reduced. Unlike the high-power installations used in regions with high wind potential (mountainous and coastal areas), the project aims to capitalize on the lower wind potential, specific to the plain areas, which are the main agro-food sources.


The project is integrated into the current research, on an international level, regarding the creation of new, advanced materials with applications in top fields of the aerospace industry.


Aeronautical morphing structures are defined in specialized literature as intelligent structures with the ability to change their characteristics under the action of external stimuli.


New performance horizons of materials that operate in extreme conditions are accessible by accumulating and correlating the material expertise associations, now dispersed, in different applications in the aeronautical, space, steel, energy industries.


The micro-vehicles with flapping wings (MAB) are small aerial devices, designed for researching closed spaces, such as: buildings, tunnels, chimneys, etc. MAB can also take over other missions, this time outside, namely the execution of reconnaissance in dangerous areas, such as a contaminated land. The advantage of MAB lies in the fact that fixed-wing micro-air vehicles are too fast to maneuver between buildings.


Inorganic polymer-layered nanocomposites as reinforced hybrids at the nanometric scale.
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