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  • Permanent satellite system with controlled trajectory, at low altitude. Contract no. 2/15.10.2006 Project co-donor: ISS, Project partner: INCAS (Project manager. Sorin Stefan RADNEF)

  • Research – development Innovative System for Damping the Oscillating Movement of Pipes and Equipment in Nuclear Power Plants – CNE. Contract no. 17/2006. Project manager: CITON Bucharest (Project director: Nicolae PANA). Project partner: INCAS (Project manager. Ion NILA)

  • Advanced Methods of Calculation, Design, Analysis and Execution of Aviation Landmarks – Dual Flow Turbo Engine Fan – 4/13.10.2005. Project manager: COMOTI (Project director:: Mircea Dan IONESCU). Project partner: INCAS (Project manager. Mihai-Victor PRICOP)

  • ADVANCED SOLUTION FOR REDUCING THE NOISE PRODUCED BY PASSENGER AIRCRAFT ENGINES – TRIPLUFLUX ENGINE Contract no. 5/13/10/2005. Project manager: COMOTI (Project director: Valentin SILIVESTRU). Project partner: INCAS (Project manager. Mihai-Victor PRICOP)

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