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The proposed project has as its major orientation the irrigation of agricultural surfaces located both in hilly areas and in plain areas, areas where the frequency and intensity of air currents is reduced. Unlike the high-power installations used in regions with high wind potential (mountainous and coastal areas), the project aims to capitalize on the lower wind potential, specific to the plain areas, which are the main agro-food sources.

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Research – Development of aeolian installation for the irrigation of agroclimatically deficient agricultural areas, experimentation, certification and commissioning INISA.

Excellence Research Program – CEEX

Module 1: Complex R&D projects

Program: AGRAL

S/T thematic areas:

Food, agriculture and biotechnology

Production and sustainable management of biological resources of the soil, forests and aquatic environments

Conservation and sustainable management of natural and artificial resources

Technological platform: Clean energy

Contract no. C61/2006

Additional information can be obtained at I.N.C.A.S. Bucharest
Project Manager

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