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Nucleu project archive

Advanced research to increase competitiveness and capacity for design, analysis and expertise specifically in the aerospace field.


Title: „Advanced research focused on increasing the competitiveness and the capacity of design, analysis and specific expertise in the aerospace field.” – Code No. PN 19 01

Program Manager: Dr. Eng. Liviu Mihail COȘEREANU

Objective 1 – Advanced research in flow physics and aerospace applications 

PROJECT: Development of advanced aerodynamic simulation capabilities (high fidelity). Project code: PN 19 01 01 01. Project manager: NICULESCU Leonida Mihai

PROJECT: Development of numerical and experimental characterisation capabilities for aerospace vehicles.  Project Code No. PN 19 01 01 02. Project manager: STOICAN Mihăiță Gilbert

PROJECT: Aerodynamic optimization of stand-alone and portable numerical capabilities development for the aerospace vehicles design in support of EC and ESA initiatives. Project Code No. 19 01 01 03. Project manager: PRICOP Mihai-Victor

PROJECT: Modern aerodynamics and aeroacousticsTechnologies. Project Code: PN 19 01 01 04. Project manager: STOICA Corneliu-Ioan

Objective 2 – CPS (cyber physical systems) for aerospace vehicles and operations 

PROJECT: CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) intelligent platforms for autonomous systems that operate in hostile environment. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 02 01. Project manager: ION GUȚĂ Dragoș Daniel

PROJECT: Dynamic simulation system for pilot-in-the-loop applications. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 02 02. Project manager: CHIRA Alina-Ioana 

PROJECT: Technologies for algorithms synthesis, validation and testing for the formation geometry and swarm behavior control of the unmanned aerial systems. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 02 03. Project manager: NEAMȚU Sorin-Andrei

PROJECT: Technology demonstrator for the autonomous control of landing on mobile platforms. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 02 04. Project manager: IONIȚĂ Achim

Objective 3 – Design and development of advanced structures and materials for aeronautics and space

PROJECT: Multifunctional composite structures resistant to extreme temperatures for space applications (SpaceMAT). Project Code No. : PN 19 01 03 01. Project manager: PELIN George

PROJECT: Emerging technologies based on sustainable hi-tech structural materials for the aeronautical industry. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 03 02. 

Project manager: ȘTEFAN Adriana

PROIECT: Smart thermal barrier coatings, anti-corrosion and anti-wear systems in the aerospace field using complex deposition techniques. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 03 03. Project manager: BOȚAN Mihail

PROJECT: Instruments, specific analysis and results validation achieved by advanced numerical simulations for aerospace structures certification. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 03 04. Project manager: BARAN Daniela 

PROJECT: SHM technologies with distributed sensors and advanced defect identification algorithms. Project code: PN 19 01 03 05. Project manager: ENCIU Daniela

Objective 4 – Pre-competitive development (TRL4-6) for specific products and technologies in the aerospace field. 

PROJECT: Technological concept for a new generation of training aircraft IAR-99NG. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 04 01. Project manager: NICOLIN Ilie

Objective 5 – Research facilities and infrastructures in the aerospace field

PROJECT: Experimental technologies for aerospace vehicles in high-speed wind tunnels. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 05 01. Project manager: STOICA Corneliu-Ioan

PROJECT: Support and development of the research and technological capacities and capabilities in the atmospheric environment using CAART research infrastructure. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 05 02. Project manager: FILIP Valeriu

PROJECT: Noninvasive experimental methods applied in wind tunnels for aerospace vehicles. Project Code No. : PN 19 01 05 04. Project manager: VÂJÂIAC Elena

Objective 6 – Systems and operations in non-segregated airspace

PROJECT: Development of models and identification of technological solutions to increase operational safety on contaminated runways in crosswind conditions. Project Code No.: PN 19 01 06 02. Project manager: BOGOS Ștefan

PROJECT: Technologies for identifying and mitigating risk factors associated with the integration of unmanned systems into non-segregated airspace. Project Code No.: PN 19 01 06 03. Project manager: BLIDERAN Radu

PROJECT: The development of an integrated virtual environment for the analysis of aviation incidents and elaboration of safety scenarios for the aircraft operation. Project Code No.: PN 19 01 06 04. Project manager: BERBENTE Sorin

Objective 7 – Space technologies

PROJECT: Vertical Landing Recovery Technology for Space Demonstrators. Project code: PN 19 01 07 01. Project manager: TOADER Adrian

PROJECT: Full-scale microlauncher-type wire-bird technology demonstrator. Project code: PN 19 01 07 02. Project manager: NECULĂESCU Ana Maria

PROJECT: Development of a reusable re-entry spacecraft technology demonstrator with test recovery under controlled fall conditions. Project code: PN 19 01 07 03. Project manager: CIȘMILIANU Alexandru Mihai

Objective 8 – Advanced atmospheric environment research

PROJECT: Space and airborne technologies in the management of disasters and major crises. Project code: PN 19 01 08 01. Project manager: CALCAN Andreea

PROJECT: Advanced studies of atmospheric composition in support of EO missions. Project Code: PN 19 01 08 02. Project manager: ARDELEAN Dorica Magdalena

PROJECT: Airborne laboratory research on the influence of cloud microstructure and evolution. Project code: PN 19 01 08 03. Project manager: VĀJÂIAC Sorin

PROJECT: Advanced research in wind engineering. Project code: PN 19 01 08 04. Project manager: BOGĂȚEANU Radu

Objective 9 – Design and dual technologies for aerospace systems

PROJECT: Concepts of vehicles with hybrid propulsion for Urban-Air Mobility. Project Code: PN 19 01 09 01. Project manager: POP Marius

PROJECT: Microfighter – Concept and Preliminary Design as an asymmetric alternative. Project code: PN 19 01 09 04. Project manager: PRICOP Mihai-Victor

PROJECT: Conception of passive ballistic protection systems for aerospace systems. Project code: PN 19 01 09 05. Project manager: PÎRVU Cătălin

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