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Project aims at supporting Europe to shape global environmental regulations for future supersonic aviation.

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January, 2021
Dată început proiect
December, 2024
Dată sfârșit proiect

Recommendations are established on the basis of the outcomes of extensive high-fidelity modelling activities and test campaigns that merge into the multi-disciplinary optimization framework to assess the holistic impact of supersonic aviation onto environment. The entire spectrum of supersonic speed regime is considered, conventionally ranging from Mach 2 to Mach 5, looking at the most promising aircraft configurations, propulsive technologies and fuels. Indeed, considering the importance of increasing the environmental sustainability of supersonic aviation, the analysis is not only restricted to aircraft using traditional hydrocarbon fuel but it moves beyond, addressing aircraft concepts that exploit alternative fuels, such as bio-fuels and liquid hydrogen, the so-called Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). In this scenario, the establishment of international cooperation has been considered strategic to select a set of real up-to-date case studies summarizing the worldwide current status of research activities in the field of supersonic aviation. INCAS contribution relies on developing and validating aerodynamic databases for the selected supersonic aircraft configurations and has the part that is dedicated to the experimental aerodynamics.

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