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The EU-funded COMPASS2020 project aims to demonstrate that the coordinated use of manned and un-manned technologies and tools, both of aerial and underwater coverage, leads to better achievements regarding the range of operation, the collection of information and the quick reaction to maritime surveillance necessities. The project will offer cost-effective and reliable operational solutions to coast guards and maritime authorities for better situational awareness.

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May, 2019
Dată început proiect
October, 2021
Dată sfârșit proiect

Beefing up the European Union’s external borders and combatting the trafficking of people and drugs are high on the agenda. Despite costly investments in the surveillance sector, maritime surveillance has not reached the desired levels of effectiveness.

The major goal of COMPASS2020 is to demonstrate an operational solution to ensure long range and persistent surveillance, increasing the situational awareness of coast guards and maritime authorities, and, thus, increasing the cost-effectiveness, availability and reliability of the operations.

The COMPASS2020 consortium comprises 14 entities from the three domains identified in Stanford’s Academia-Industry-Government Triple Helix model: Autoridade Maritima Nacional – AMN Portugal, Tekever (Portugal), NAVAL Group, AIRBUS, EDISOFT, ECA Group, TNO, INCAS, ISD S.A., NLR, MARITIME ANALYSIS AND OPERATIONS CENTRE-Narcotics (MAOC-N), Science & Technology Organization – NATO, UK Border Force and Maritime Safety Department (MSD) of Montenegro. Being coordinated by AMN, a competent authority under civilian authority and command, nationally identified as specialized coast guard, the COMPASS2020 consortium has been created to support the societal challenges identified by the AMN and the other governmental entities involved in COMPASS2020 (UKBF, MSD and MAOC-N). Therefore, a strong technical consortium, capable of supporting the vision of AMN, comprised of both large industry, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and research centers, had to be brought together. In this sense, the COMPASS2020 is comprised of 6 industrial partners (3 large industry and 3 SMEs), 4 research centers, and 4 governmental entities / end-users.

Taking into account its well-known expertise, INCAS is the leader of T3.5 which deals with the harsh environmental testing for UAVs. In addition, INCAS also participates in WP5 for the demonstration related activities, as well as in Work Package 6 (WP6) for the dissemination and exploitation of project’s results.  

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