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The new generation of CS-23 category aircraft - Cost Effective Small AiRcraft.

Project Category: IP

Contract: AIP5-CT-2006-030888

Contracting authority: The European Community (the “Community”), represented by the Commission of the European Communities (the “Commissions”), it self represented for the signature of this contract by Jose Manuel SILVA RODRIGUEZ, Director General for Research Directorate-General or his duly authorized representative,

Project manager: Vyzkumny a zkusebni letecky ustav, a.s., established in Beranovych 130, Prague – Letnany, -, -, 199. 05, Czech Republic, represented by Milan Holl, CEO and Chairman, and/or Josef Kaspar, Managing director, or her/his/their authorized representative the contractor acting as coordinator of the consortium, (the “coordinator”).

Additional information can be obtained at I.N.C.A.S. Bucharest
Project manager: Vyzkumny a zkusebni letecky ustav, a.s.

Milan Holl, CEO and Chairman

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