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CEARES - Central European Aeronautical RESearch initiative

 Contract: ACS7-GA-2008-213280

GRANT AGREEMENT No 213280PROJECT TITLE CEARESCoordination and support actionThe European Community (the “Community“), represented by the Commission of the EuropeanCommunities (the “Commission“),of the one part,and SLOT CONSULTING LTD, established in Nagyszolos U12, BUDAPEST, 1185, Hungary represented by Helen Guraly, General Manager or her authorised representative, the beneficiary acting as “coordinator” of the consortium (the “coordinator“), (“beneficiary no. 1“),of the other partHAVE AGREED to the following terms and conditions including those in the following annexes, which form an integral part of this grant agreement (the “grant agreement“).

1. The coordinator shall endeavour to ensure that each legal entity identified below accedes to this grant agreement as a beneficiary, assuming the rights and obligations established by the grant agreement with effect from the date on which the grant agreement enters into force, by signing Form A in three originals, countersigned by the coordinator.

  • EUROCONTROL – EUROPEAN ORGANISATION FOR THE SAFETY OF AIR NAVIGATION, established in Rue de la Fusée 96, BRUXELLES, 1130, Belgium represented by David McMillan, director general or his authorised representative (“beneficiary no. 2“),
  • ZILINSKA UNIVERZITA V ZILINE, established in Univerzitna 8215/1, ZILINA, 01026, Slovakia represented by Ján Bujnák, rector or his authorised representative (“beneficiary no. 3“),
  • INSTITUTUL NATIONAL DE CERCETARI AEROSPATIALE “ELIE CARAFOLI”, established in Bd Iuliu Maniu,220 Sector 6, BUCHAREST, 061126, Romania represented by Catalin Nae, General Manager and/or Remus Dimofte, Financial Manager or their authorized representative (“beneficiary no. 4“),

All the beneficiaries together form the consortium (the “consortium“).The duration of the project shall be 24 months from 1st April 2008 (hereinafter referred to as the “start date“).

Additional information can be obtained at I.N.C.A.S. Bucharest
Project Coordinator SLOT CONSULTING LTD


Coordinator INCAS

Eng. Cătălin NAE
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