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In the last years, the worldwide impact of global change lead to the development of new and more precise Earth observation programme, able to provide accurate and timely information for improving the management of the environment.

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July, 2017
Dată început proiect
September, 2019
Dată sfârșit proiect

ASSESS is a research project funded by the ESA’s programme STAR in Romania.
The main aim of this project is to develop scientific missions for atmospheric research in order to validate satellite products, improve data accuracy of ESA’s Sentinel 4, 5 and 5P and long-term stability of their related products.

The project is undertaken by three institutions (2 R&D and 1 University) that will put together their research capacity in terms of instruments and human resources.

The project will contribute to the improvement of confidence level of satellite products that are further developed under the framework of Earth Observation Programmes. Given the participation of Romanian researches on “ESA’s contributing missions”, this project will act as a base for developing trainings or demonstration in order to prepare multidisciplinary specialists in this field.

Additional information can be obtained at I.N.C.A.S. Bucharest
Project Manager

Dr. Andreea CALCAN
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