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The ARTEM project develops novel technologies to reduce aviation noise emissions.

December, 2017
Dată început proiect
May, 2022
Dată sfârșit proiect

It paves the way for maintaining and increasing the mobility in Europe in the future, while providing relief to communities that are highly affected by aircraft noise such as those neighboring airports.

This project aims not only to investigate the fundamental physical mechanisms generating aviation noise, but also to contribute to the technological development of unique devices capable of reducing aircraft engine and airframe noise.

By a holistic approach, the interaction effects of all components (engines, high-lift-devices, airframe, and landing gear) are investigated for current, as well as future (2035-2050), aircraft configurations, and the most promising noise reduction technologies are undergoing a selection process.

The innovations selected will be assessed by the aircraft industry within the CleanSky programme with respect to their near-term application potential.

For advanced future aircraft configurations (2035 -2050), on the other hand, the project will not only perform predictions of the noise emitted during take-off and approach, but it will also develop targeted auralizations, which are procedures to model and simulate the human experience in the presence of aircraft noise. This approach will therefore enable in the present time to have a comprehensive estimate of the noise generated by the aircraft of the future.

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