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The goal of TheBarCode project is the development of materials through appropriate methods and models for manufacturing, monitoring, evaluating and predicting the overall energy performance and efficiency of new thermal barrier layer structures - TBC for energy generating systems.

Project title: Development of multifunctional Thermal Barrier Coatings and modeling tools for high temperature power generation with improved efficiency

Program Capacities: 232/12.09.2013

Project acronym: TheBarCode


Improving the performance of the materials in use, through the application of new thermal barrier layers, structural design and computational fluid simulations will lead to a significant improvement in energy efficiency as well as existing costs.

Given that the Brayton cycle turbine engine system with high operating temperatures will remain the main aggregate of electricity generation, any significant technological improvement in terms of better performance and energy efficiency in the field of turbines has a direct positive impact on short term, in terms of EU strategy. Thus, the challenge of the last decades for industrial gas turbines and aircraft engines is to increase the maximum operating temperature without overheating the metal parts during operation. Within the scope of energy efficiency, cutting-edge technologies for advanced power plants involve a transition that will require material technologies to adapt to expansion gases that are hotter and contain high concentrations of water vapor and are generally much more aggressive on materials in operation. Today, the life of materials used in turbines must be increased by increasing corrosion resistance at high temperatures, such improvements reducing the cost of turbines. The hot parts of cogeneration systems as well as of aircraft turbo engines are subjected to tribological stress due to erosion, at speeds above Mach 3, abrasive wear, thermal shock, etc. One of the solutions consists in covering the combustion chamber and the turbine blades with a thermal barrier layer (TBC). It protects and insulates metal gas turbine engine components from the hot gas stream, allowing for higher combustion temperatures and improved engine efficiency. Another part is optimization through design, modeling and fluid state simulation. Thus, the modeling will cover the turbulent flow part, combustion chamber flow, heat and mass transfer, material failure methodologies and life predictions. Component design will result in better efficiency, operation with lower maintenance costs and better service life. In conclusion TheBarCode project is focused on developing the efficiency of gas turbine power generation through the development of advanced materials as well as software products that provide optimized process parameters.

Additional information can be obtained at I.N.C.A.S. Bucharest
Project Coordinator - Technological Educational Institute of Chalkida (TEIC)

Dr. Vassilis Stathopoulos
Coordinator Romania - INCAS

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