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Raising European Students Awareness in Aeronautical Research Through School-Labs’ is the main objective of the project REStARTS.

The European project “Mitigation Drought in Vulnerable Area of ​​the Mures Basin” (MIDMURES) (Drought reduction in vulnerable areas of the Mures Basin) – no. 07.0316/2010/582303/SUB/D1

Partner organizations in the project:

National Meteorological Administration – METEO – CO; Project director: Dr. Gheorghe STANCALIE

National Research-Development Institute for Pedology, Agrochemistry and Environmental Protection – ICPA – P1; Project manager: Dr. Irina CALCIU

National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management – ​​INHGA – P2; Project manager: Corina POPESCU

“Elie Carafoli” National Institute for Aerospace Research and Development – INCAS – P3; Project manager: Eng. Ion NILA

The purpose of the firm collaboration agreement is to achieve the objectives set by the partners involved in the MIDMURES project, under the terms and conditions stipulated in Grant agreement no. 07.0316/2010/582303/SUB/D1 approved by the European Commission Department of the Environment entered into force on 27/12/2010.

The specific objectives of the partnership that will be pursued for the realization of the “Mitigation Drought in Vulnerable Area of ​​the Mures Basin” (MIDMURES) project:

Objective 1.

Agro-meteorological warnings corresponding to drought-vulnerable areas in the Mureș Hydrographic Basin

Objective 2.

Assessment of groundwater resources and establishment of the numerical model of their dynamics for the test area

Objective 3.

Use of starch-based superabsorbents for soil water conservation in irrigated and non-irrigated crop plots

Objective 4.

The use of pedo-climatic models coupled with economic models aimed at optimizing the crop structure

Objective 5.

Wind energy system for irrigation of intensive crops

Objective 6.

Determination and monitoring of crop vegetation status based on information extracted from satellite images

Additional information can be obtained at I.N.C.A.S. Bucharest
Coordinator INCAS

Eng. Ion NILA
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