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GRA - GREEN REGIONAL AIRCRAFT ITD (Green Regional Transport Aircraft - Integrated Technological Demonstrator)

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Clean Sky Commune Enterprise Program: Ctr. JTI-01/2010

Project acronym: GRA

Project duration (months): 103

Project start date (month/year): June 1, 2008

Project completion date (month/year): December 31, 2017


The “Project” Regional Aircraft, in fact a technological demonstrator named as such – ITD- is part of the wider program – “Sky” represents the expression of interest and utility regarding the development of a coherent concept for an aircraft that optimally fulfills the requirements imposed by supporting an ambient environment as close as possible to the ecological ideal. of research, with a planned duration of seven years, will combine public and private capacities in order to develop and introduce advanced technologies for the next generation of aircraft. One of the goals of these technologies is to reduce polluting emissions, the noise generated by air traffic and to reduce the fuel consumption of aircraft operating over medium distances in a regional geographic area.

Even if at the moment air traffic is a relatively small source of greenhouse gases, its proportion will increase as a result of forecasts of an increase in the volume of air traffic in the near future. Since one of the directions in which accelerated development forecasts is that of regional transport, in which the opinions of the population are strongly felt, protecting the environment requires immediate actions in order to develop “clean” means of air transport.

Additional information can be obtained at I.N.C.A.S. Bucharest
Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A.

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Coordinator Romania - INCAS

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