Proiect: SFWA - SMART FIXED WING AIRCRAFT  ITD,   Intreprindere comuna CLEAN SKY, see  FP7.

home_0_00_01Programul UEFISCDI: Cofinantarea Participarii Romaniei la activitatile Intreprinderilor Comune Clean Sky

Program Intreprindere comuna Clean Sky: Ctr. JTI-01/2010

Acronimul proiectului: SFWA

Durata proiectului (luni): 103
Data de începere a proiectului (luna/an): 1 Iunie 2008
Data de finalizare a proiectului (luna/an): 31 december 2017

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Pentru mai multe informatii, va rog accesati pagina web a proiectului:
Responsabil din partea Cluster INCAS - Romania
Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare Aerospatiala „Elie Carafoli” – I.N.C.A.S. Bucuresti, (Partener 30): Dr. eng. Catalin NAE

a.1 La ITD SFWA - Smart Fixed Wing AIRCRAFT, din Romania participa in calitate de asociat in consortiu format din doua institute de cercetare: INCAS si STRAERO si doi agenti industriali: ROMAERO si Avioane Craiova. Acest consortiu afost selectat ca membru fondator la CLEAN SKY JU, in calitate de partener asociat si participa la Demonstrator Technologic Integrat (DTI) pe toata durata CLEAN SKY.



The Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (the”JU”), represented by the Interim Executive Director, Liam Breslin, or his duly authorised representative,

of the one part,

and Airbus S.A.S. (national registration number: 383474814) established in 1, rond-point Maurice Bellonte, 31707 Blagnac, France, represented by Dr. Patrick Gavin, Executive Vice President, Head of Engineering, or his authorised representative, the beneficiary acting as coordinator of the consortium (the “coordinator”), (“beneficiary no. 1”),

of the other part

HAVE AGREED to the following terms and conditions including those in the following annexes, wich form an integral part of this grant agreement (the “grant agreement”).

The coordinator shall endeavour to ensure that each legal entity identified below accedes to this grant agreement as a beneficiary (where a beneficiary is part of a cluster this should be clearly indicated), assuming the rights and obligations established by the grant agreement with effect from the date on which the grant agreement enters into force, by signing FormA in three originals, countersigned by the coordinator.

  • Airbus France S.A.S., (national registration number: 393341532), Toulouse, France (“beneficiary no. 2”),
  • AirbusDeutschland GmbH, (national registration number: HBR 43257), Hamburg, Germany (“beneficiary no. 3”),
  • Airbus UK Limited, (national registration number: 03468788), Bristol, United Kingdom, (“beneficiary no. 4”),
  • Airbus España S.L., (national registration number: HOJA M279526), Getafe, Spain, (“beneficiary no. 5”),
  • SAAB A.B., (national registration number: 556036-0793), Linköping, Sweden, (“beneficiary no. 6”),
  • Dassault Aviation S.A., (national registration number: 712042456), Paris, France (“beneficiary no. 7”),
  • EADS – Construcciones Aeronauticas S.A. (CASA) Sociedad Unipersonal, Madrid, Spain (“beneficiary no. 8”),
  • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V., München, Germany (“beneficiary no. 9”),
  • Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, Lindenberg, Germany (“beneficiary no. 10”),
  • Rolls-Royce plc, (national registration number: 01003142), London, United Kingdom, (“beneficiary no. 11”),
  • Safran, (national registration number: B562082909), Paris, France (“beneficiary no. 12”),
  • Aircelle, (national registration number: 352 050 512), Gonfreville l’Orcher, France (“beneficiary no. 13”),
  • Messier-Dowty Ltd., (national registration number: 3548809), Gloucester, United Kingdom, (“beneficiary no. 14”),
  • Snecma, (national registration number: 414815217), Paris, France (“beneficiary no. 15”),
  • Sagem Défense Sécurité, (national registration number: 480107911), Paris, France (“beneficiary no. 16”),
  • Thales Avionics S.A. Défense Sécurité, (national registration number: 612039495), Neuilly-sur_Seine, France (“beneficiary no. 17”),
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt E.V. (DLR), (national registration number: VR2780), Köln, Germany (“beneficiary no. 18”),
  • ONERA – Office National d’Etudes et de Recherhes Aérospatiales, (national registration number: 775722879), Chatllon, France (“beneficiary no. 19”),
  • RUAG Aerospace, (national registration number: CH10030217617), Emmen, Switzerland (“beneficiary no. 20”),
  • Stork Fokker AESP B.V., (national registration number: 23088399), member of the Duth cluster, Papendrecht, The Netherlands (“beneficiary no. 21”),
  • Aircraft Development and Systems Engineering (ADSE) B.V., (national registration number: 34116438), member of the Duth cluster, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands (“beneficiary no. 22”,
  • Airborne Composites B.V., (national registration number: 27285141), member of the Duth cluster, The Hague, The Netherlands (“beneficiary no. 23”),
  • Axxiflex Turbine Tools B.V., (national registration number: 18051008), member of the Duth cluster, Rijen NB, The Netherlands (“beneficiary no. 24”),
  • Microflown Technologies B.V., (national registration number: 28077207), member of the Duth cluster, Zevenaar, The Netherlands (“beneficiary no. 25”),
  • Fokker Elmo B.V., (national registration number: 20084205), member of the Duth cluster, Hoogerheide, The Netherlands (“beneficiary no. 26”),
  • Stichtung Nationaal Luchy-en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium (NLR), (national registration number: 41150373), member of the Duth cluster, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (“beneficiary no. 27”),
  • Technische Universiteit Delft, (national registration number: N/A), member of the Duth cluster, Delft, The Netherlands (“beneficiary no. 28”),
  • Universiteit Twente, (national registration number: N/A), Enschede, The Netherlands (“beneficiary no. 29”),
  • Institutul National de Cercetari Aerospatiale “Elie Carafoli” – INCAS, (national registration number: J40649215071991), member of the INCAS cluster, Bucharest, Romania, represented by Dr. Catalin Nae, General Manager (“beneficiary no. 30”),
  • S.C. Straero S.A., (national registration number: J/40/5793/1991), member of the INCAS cluster, Bucharest, Romania, represented by Dr. Ion Fuiorea, General Manager (“beneficiary no. 31”),
  • S.C. Avioane Craiova S.A., (national registration number: J16/1214/1991), member of the INCAS cluster, Ghercesti, Romania, represented by Ing. Valentin Bernovschi, General Manager (“beneficiary no. 32”),
  • S.C. Romaero S.A., (national registration number: J40/3940/1991), member of the INCAS cluster, Bucharest, Romania, represented by Ing. Adrian Zainescu, General Manager (“beneficiary no. 33”),
  • QinetiQ Ltd., (national registration number: 03796233), London, United Kingdom, (“beneficiary no. 314”),

The duration of the programme shall be from 1st June 2008 (herein after reffered to as the “programme start date”) until 31 december 2017.