Technology Development Department

Technical Services Department - Head Emil COSTEA

Technical Administration Unit - Head Iuliana PARASCHIV

INCAS is a unique research establishment in Romania mainly due to the combination of the following qualities associated with a very successful historical background:

The Technical Department has the major responsibility to perform associated functions with respect to INCAS mission and to enable the quality of service requested by the highest standards. Also, due to the innovation culture associated with the R&D activity of the institute, this department has a very dynamic structure mainly with respect to the interface with the partners and customers.

The current structure of the Technical department is based on 3 pylons:

This department has an increasing role in the future development plans. The major challenges this department is facing are related to the industrial policy of INCAS and exploitation of the intellectual property rights developed by the R&D department, the increasing investment in the development of the research infrastructure on the Militari platform (14 ha) and the capability of INCAS to use internally and deliver to customers specialized services according to the highest quality standards and certifications.



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