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Book chapter

I. Ursu, I., A. Toader, S. S. Radnef, E. Popa: Intelligent adaptive type control for uncertain systems, in Inverse Problems and Computational Mechanics, vol. 1, Chapter 16, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2011, ISBN 978-973-27-2147-6.

Journal Articles in ISI Thompson Archival Journals

Ursu, I., G. Tecuceanu, A. Toader, C., Calinoiu (2011), Switching neuro-fuzzy control with antisaturating logic. Experimental results for hydrostatic servoactuators, Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Series A, Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science, 12, 3, 231-238.

Chiroiu, V., L. Munteanu, I. Ursu (2011), On chaos control in uncertain nonlinear systems, Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 72, 3, 229-246, Techn.  

Chiroiu, V., I. Ursu, L. Munteanu, T. Sireteanu, (2011), On the KP equation with hysteresis, Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 279, 1, 1-16.

Ursu, I., V. Chiroiu, L. Munteanu, Hysteresis modeling and feedforward control of a five-story system, Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Series A: Mathematics, Physics, Technical Sciences, Information Science, 2011, ISSN 1454-9069.

Journal Articles in Peer-Review Archival Journals

Chiroiu, V., I. Ursu, L. Munteanu, T. Sireteanu (2011), Controlling chaos in the KP equation with hysteresis, FDPM: Fluid Dynamics& Materials Processing, vol. 7, nr. 2, 1-16, 2011, ISSN 1555-256X.


Ursu, I., L. Iorga, A. Toader, G. Tecuceanu (2011), Active Robust Control of a Smart Plate, ICINCO 2011, 8th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 28-31 July 2011.

Toader, A., I. Ursu, Towards a PIO II criterion: Improving the pilot modeling, Proceedings of CSCS-18, 18th Intern. Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science, May, 24-27 2011, Politehnica University of Bucharest, pp. 366-371, Editura Politehnica University.

I. Ursu, I., An integrated methodology of control synthesis with anti-windup feedback compensation, Proceedings of CSCS18, 18th Intern. Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science, 24-27 May 2011, Politehnica University of Bucharest, pp. 355-359, Editura Politehnica University.

bul1 INCAS BULLETIN (Only INCAS authors).  More information: http://bulletin.incas,ro

"INCAS BULLETIN",  Volume 3, Issue 4/ 2011, (online) ISSN 2247–4528; (print) ISSN 2066–8201; ISSN-L 2066-8201

  • Catalin NAE, CFD Analysis for Industrial Applications using xGrid Environment, pp. 77 – 88.
  • Adrian DOBRE, 2D scaled model of the TURBOPROP wing,  pp. 129 – 143
  • Marcel STERE, Daniela BARAN, Calculation of hybrid joints used in modern aerospace structures,  pp. 161 – 169
  • Ioan STEFANESCU, Restructuring of advanced instruction and training programs in order to increase the number of flight hours for military pilots. Part II pp. 105 – 112


"INCAS BULLETIN", Volume 3,Special Issue/ 2011, (online) ISSN 2247–4528; (print) ISSN 2066–8201; ISSN-L 2066-8201

  • Dan PANTAZOPOL, Professor Ion Stroescu pioneer of aeronautics and particularly of experimental aerodynamics pp. 57-59


"INCAS BULLETIN",  Volume 3, Issue 3/ 2011, (online) ISSN 2247–4528; (print) ISSN 2066–8201; ISSN-L 2066-8201

  • Valentin BUTOESCU, A Rotary Wing System for Micro Air Vehicle Applications. Part 1, pp. 23-33
  • Sorina ILINA, Gheorghe IONESCU, Victor MANOLIU, Radu PITICESCU, Nanostructured zirconia layers as thermal barrier coatings, pp. 63-69
  • Catalin NAE, Two phase flow models in DxUNSp code platform, pp. 91-101
  • Andrei-Sorin NEAMTU, Adrian-Mihail STOICA, Unfalsified Control; Application to automatic flight control system design, pp. 103-114
  • Ioan URSU, Adrian TOADER, On the synthesis of the pilot optimal control model, pp. 127-136
  • Adrian DOBRE, Test Rig Adaptation for WT Measurements for OR&TP Configurations, pp. 139-146
  • Dorin LOZICI-BRINZEI, Simion TATARU, Radu BISCA, IAR-93 military aircraft monument, pp.151-156


      INCAS BULLETIN" ,  Volume 3, Issue 2/ 2011, (online) ISSN 2247–4528; (print) ISSN 2066–8201; ISSN-L 2066-8201

  • Mircea DUMITRACHE, Continuous thrust tangential or perpendicular thrust to the flight direction on a given transfer trajectory in planar Circular Restricted 3-Body Problem, pp. 21-34
  • Dorin LOZICI-BRINZEI, Simion TATARU, Radu BISCA, AEROTAXI ground static test and finite element model validation, pp. 57-64
  • Ioan URSU, Dealing with mathematical modeling in applied control, pp. 87-93
  • Marius PANAIT, Flow visualization techniques, new developments and modernization of the existing Schlieren system in the Trisonic Wind Tunnel, pp. 97-101
  • Cosmin PESCARUS, The design and manufacture of a remotely piloted aircraft, pp. 103-109
  • Constanta TIVIG, The procedure for determining the local and global flow characteristics of spool valve SMHR 22.59.010 in order to be fitted to the assembly SMHR S.22.59.000, pp. 111-114


       “INCAS BULLETIN" ,  Volume 3, Issue 1/ 2011, code ISSN 2066 - 8201

  • Daniela BARAN, Nicolae APOSTOLESCU, Mihaela PETRE, INPROV - an environment for stress analysis of aeronautical structures, pp. 15-22
  • Dorin LOZICI-BRINZEI, Simion TATARU, Radu BISCA, IAR-99 GVT correlation for dynamics stores FEM, pp. 47-54
  • Dan PANTAZOPOL, Penetration of a shock wave in a fully supersonic flame front with the formation of an expansion fan, pp. 71- 76
  • Ioan STEFANESCU, Conversion of the dual training aircraft (DC) into single control advanced training aircraft (SC). Part I, pp. 101-108
  • Adrian TOADER, Ioan URSU, PIO I-II tendencies. Part 2. Improving the pilot modeling, pp. 109-118



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