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  • Halanay, A. and I. Ursu (2009), Stability of equilibria of some switched nonlinear systems with applications to control synthesis for electrohydraulic servomechanisms, IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, 74, 3, June, 361-373, Ó Oxford University Press (ISI indexed).
  • Balea, S., A. Halanay, I. Ursu (2009), Stabilization through coordinates transformation for switching systems associated to electrohydraulic servomechanisms, Mathematical Reports, Romanian Academy, 11(61), 4, pp. .279-292 (ISI indexed).
  • Halanay, A., C. A. Safta, F. Ursu and I. Ursu (2009), Stability analysis for a nonlinear model of a hydraulic servomechanism in a servoelastic framework, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications,  10, 2, April, 1197-1209, Ó Elsevier (ISI indexed).
  • Iorga, L., H. Baruh, I. Ursu (2009), A unitary methodology for  control with -analysis of a  piezoelectric actuated plate, Journal of Control and Vibration, 15, 8, August, 1143-1171, Copyright Ó 2009 by SAGE Publications, USA, ISSN 1077-5463 (ISI indexed).
  • Pencea, I.,_ Miculescu M., Pencea, M., Sfat, C. E., M. Branzei, V. Manoliu, “Thermal barrier effect estimation of a new refractory enamel <http://inoe.inoe.ro/oam-rc/index.php?option=magazine&op=view&idu=712&catid=38>”, Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials – Rapid** Communications, OAM-RC**, Vol 3 ISS. 5 2009_(Printing date May 25, 2009 ) <http://inoe.inoe.ro/oam-rc/index.php?option=magazine&op=list&revid=38>,* p. 439 – 445,*, indexata ISI , ISI Web of Science [Science Citation Index Expanded].
  • Gavrila Florescu, I. Dinca, E. Popovici, L. Dumitrache, R. Ianchis, A. Stan,  I. Sandu, A. Stefan, Z. Vuluga, D. Donescu, I. Voicu -  LASER-SYNTHESIZED CARBON BLACK FOR POLYMER-BASED COMPOSITES REINFORCED BY CARBON FIBERS  in Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials (conf EMRS 2009)


Proceedings of the International Conferences 

  • Popescu, D. Baran, D. Pupaza, C. Tataru, S. &  Lozici, D. (2009) Collaborative design, aeronautics, CAD modelling, structural analysis. 3D Visual Environment for Aeronautical Structures Design and Analysis, Annals of DAAAM for 2009& Proceedings of the 20th International DAAAM Symposium, 25-28th November 2009, Vienna, Austria, ISSN 1726-9679, ISBN 978-3-901509-70-4, Katalinic, B. (Ed.), pp. 0919-0920, Published by DAAAM International Vienna, Vienna
  • Istratie, V., "Optimal Rendezvous on Circular and Elliptical Orbits ", RAST 2009 (4th International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies), 11 - 13 June 2009, Istanbul, TURKEI.
  • Istratie, V., "Optimal Entry into Atmosphere in Minimum Time", ICNAAM 2009 (International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics), Aquila Rithymna Beach, Retymno, Crete, Greece, 18 - 22 September 2009. Article proposed for Session: 4th Symposium on Numerical Analysis of Fluid.

  • Halanay, A., I. Ursu, C. A. Safta, F. Ursu (2009), Control synthesis for electrohydraulic servoactuators in a servoelastic framework, 7th International Conference on Mathematical Problems in Engineering and Aerospace Sciences (June 25-27, 2008, Genoa, Italy), pp. 716-723, Cambridge Scientific Publishers, ISBN 987-1-904868-70-5, Ed. Siva Sundaram.

  • Halanay, A., and I. Ursu (2009), Stabilization of equilibria in switching models for electrohydraulic servoactuators in a servoelastic framework, 7th International Conference on Mathematical Problems in Engineering and Aerospace Sciences (June 25-27, 2008, Genoa, Italy), pp. 73-80, Cambridge Scientific Publishers, ISBN 987-1-904868-70-5, Ed. Siva Sundaram.

  • Balea, S., A. Halanay, F. Ursu, I. Ursu (2009), Geometric methods in control synthesis for electrohydraulic servoactuators in servoelastic  framework, 7th International Conference on Mathematical Problems in Engineering and Aerospace Sciences (June 25-27, 2008, Genoa, Italy), pp. 51-57, Cambridge Scientific Publishers, ISBN 987-1-904868-70-5, Ed. Siva Sundaram.

  • V. MANOLIU, N. MARIN, A. STEFAN, Gh. IONESCU, S. GAMAN, “Multilayered structures zirconia base in aerospatial field”, AFASES 2009 - SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND EDUCATION IN THE AIR FORCE, 20-22 May 2009, Brasov, “Henri Coanda” AIR FORCE ACADEMY,   I.S.B.N. 978-973-8415-67-6, pp.935 – 938


Proceedings of the National Conferences

  • Halanay, A., I. Ursu, C. A. Safta (2009), Stability Analysis for a Nonlinear Model of a Hydrostatic Electrohydraulic Actuator, The XXXIInd Caius Iacob Conference on Fluid Mechanics and its Technical Applications, Bucuresti, 16-17 octombrie, Book of Abstracts, p. 20.



In data de 27 noiembrie 2009 a iesit de sub tipar INCAS BULLETIN No. 2/ 2009”, publicat de  INCAS - Institutul National de Cercetare -Dezvoltare Aerospatiala "Elie Carafoli" -, înregistrat la Biblioteca Nationala a României cod ISSN 2066 – 8201, Centrul National ISSN

  • Catalin NAE, Foreword - Anniversary Session dedicated to the personality of the Academician ELIE CARAFOLI, scientist and founder of the Romanian school of engineering and research in the aerospace field, p. 3.

  • George SAVU, Octavian TRIFU, Catalin NAE, Elie Carafoli – Professor, Entrepreneur and Patriot Scientist, p. 7-15.

  • Dan PANTAZOPOL, Academician Elie Carafoli, p.19-22.

  • Horia DUMITRESCU, Elie Carafoli - a Fatigueless Researcher, p. 27-29.

  • Mihai NEAMTU, Remembering Professor Elie Carafoli, p. 42-48.

  • Daniela BARAN, Chaotic Vibration of Buckled Beams and Plates, 73-84.

  • Adrian DOBRE, Wind tunnel CESAR model, p. 85-89.

  • Horia DUMITRESCU, Vladimir CARDOŞ, Alexandru DUMITRACHE, Florin FRUNZULICĂ, Vortex theory of the ideal wind turbine, p. 90- 101.

  • Ion LaNCRaNJAN, Catalin NAE, Paula COPAESCU, Marius PANAIT, A Numerical Model of the Laser Light Intensity Transversal Distribution into Undeformed/ Deformed Optical Fibers, p. 102-115.

  • Victor MANOLIU, Gheorghe IONESCU, Adriana STEFAN, Constantin SERGHIE, Sorina ILINA, Constantin VILCU, INCAS Quick Thermal Test Shock Installation - QTS1, p. 116-121.

  • Catalin NAE,  Flap Gap Oscillatory Blowing on 2D and 2.5D Wing, p. 122-128.

  • Simion TATARU, Dorin LOZICI, Daniela BARAN, Marcel STERE, Predictive Assessment of an Aircraft Structure Behaviour for Passenger and Crew Security, p. 129-135.

  • Ioan URSU, George TECUCEANU, Adrian TOADER, Constantin CALINOIU, Felicia URSU, Vladimir BERAR, Neuro-fuzzy control synthesis for hydrostatic type servoactuators. Experimental results, 136-150.

  • Tiberiu HACKER, Achim IONITA, Marius PERHINSCHI, Sorin RADNEF, Mihai NEAMTU and Cristian DOROBAT,  Book reviews - FLIGHT DYNAMICS. IAR 99 Aircraft, p. 153


In data de 14 septembriue 2009, a iesit de sub tipar INCAS BULLETIN No 1/ 2009, publicat de  INCAS -  Institutul National de Cercetare -Dezvoltare Aerospatiala "Elie Carafoli" -, înregistrat la Biblioteca Nationala a României cod ISSN 2066 – 8201, Centrul National ISSN

  • Catalin NAE, Foreword,  p. 3

  • Florin MUNTEANU, INCAS Trisonic Wind Tunnel, p. 5-11.

  • Florin MUNTEANU, Corneliu OPREAN, Corneliu STOICA, INCAS Subsonic Wind Tunnel  p. 12-14

  • Maria ALEXANDRESCU, NICUSOR ALEXANDRESCU, Numerical Simulation of Ice Accretion on Airfoil, 17, p. 17-22.

  • Valentin BUTOESCU, A Vortex Model of a Helicopter Rotor, p. 23-27.

  • Bogdan CALOIAN, Dorin LOZICI, Radu BISCA, Stress and Modal Analisys Report for AVERT Program, p. 28-32.

  • Mihaela CALUDESCU, Laminar Stability Analysis in Boundary Layer Flow, p. 33-36.

  • Ion DINCA, Adriana STEFAN, Ana STAN, Sorina GAMAN, Lavinia GAVRILA-FLORESCU, Dan DONESCU, Zina VULUGA, Liviu DUMITRACHE, Gabriel PRODAN, Multifunctional composites and nanocomposites with applications in the aerospace industry, ,p. 37-42.

  • Ion LANCRANJAN, Catalin NAE, Mihai-Victor PRICOP, Diana DAMIAN, Mircea UDREA, Air Flow and Environmental Wind Visualization Using a CW Diode Pumped Frequency Doubled Nd:YAG Laser, p. 43-50.

  • Ion LANCRANJAN, A Study of Solid State Laser Passive Optical Q-Switching Operation Regime (Part 1), 51

  • Catalin NAE, Unified formulation for URANS and LES in DxUNSp code, p. 55-63.

  • Ion NILA, Viorica ILINOIU, Dan ABABEI, Bogdan DOBRESCU, Radu BOGATEANU, Low Frequency Damper, p. 64-68.

  • Dan PANTAZOPOL, Penetration of a Shock Wave in a Flame Front, p. 69-73.

  • Mihai-Victor PRICOP, MIihai FLORIEAN, Georges CRAIOVEANU, Scaled Radio Controlled Platform, p. 74-77.

  • Sorin Stefan RADNEF, Dichotomic Structure of DAEs Solutions for the Aircraft Control, p. 78-83.

  • Ioan URSU, Adrian TOADER, George TECUCEANU, Control of uncertain systems by feedback linearization with neural networks augmentation. Part I. Controller design, 84-89.

  • Daniela BARAN, Marcel STERE, Simion TATARU, Dorin LOZICI, Nicolae APOSTOLESCU, Radu BISCA, Bbogdan CALOIAN, Design & Analysis Tools and Techniques for Aerospace Structures in a 3D Visual Environment, p. 93-95

  • Ionut BRINZA, Mihai-Victor PRICOP, Methods of flow visualization,  p. 96-97.

  • Adrian DOBRE, Wind tunnel AVERT model  p. 98-99.


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