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ECO 100 prototype, designed by Aircraft Design Group, is now well into the final stage.

HTML clipboard ECO 100 is a 2 side-by-side seat multipurpose single engine piston light aircraft. Its main purpose is tourism/leisure, but can have other mission too, complying with appropriate regulations, having the capacity to carry two underwing containers, 110 kilos each. The aircraft operates on concrete runways and on grass half-prepared fields.

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The constructive solution, that is a high wing aircraft - facilitate its stability maintaining thus a good manoeuvring and excellent visibility. A low wing payload makes possible diminishing of take off/landing distances even on unprepared ground.

HTML clipboard HTML clipboard The tricycle landing gear with nose wheel and leaf springs main undercarriages allow safe evolutions during landing, avoiding thus accidental over nosing.

HTML clipboard The structure is conceived to be a modular one, made of such components to allow easy construction, maintenance and repair.


The ability to meet a wide variety of mission requirements represents the most outstanding feature of the ECO 100.

The cabin layout can be quickly and easily changed to suit any type of payload. Its versatility permits the ECO 100 to be used for many applications, including:

  • pilot training
  • initiation for flying on engine aircraft
  • flights performed for keeping pilot's condition
  • aerial surveillance
  • glider towing
  • recreation, passenger transport, also intended for tourism
  • parachuting biological and sanitary packages
  • ecological sampling
  • agrotechnical treatments
  • Police patrol (Police Deployment Coordination, Traffic Control, VIP Protection)
  • special and military mission
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In compliance with FAR/JAR part 23 regulations' requirements.

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Variants: ECO 100 Normal (with containers)

ECO 100 Utility

Key Characteristics:




2 side-by-side with potential for third seat over the back

Leading Gear: Tricycle with nosewheel steering
Flight Controls and Surfaces: Classic

Side doors to cockpit

Avionics and Instruments:

FAR 23/JAR 23 (IFR optional)

Geometrical Data:

Wing span

11 m

Overall Length

7.595 m

Overall Height

2.648 m

Wing area

15.4 sq.m

Weight Data:


1095 kg (Normal)


945 kg (Utility)

Basic Empty Weight:

680 kg


98 Kg



Textron Lycoming 0-320-02A Engine


160 shp / 2750 rpm


Metallic 2-blade 1880 mm diameter


Never Exceed Speed (VNE) :

300 - 320 km/hr

Max. Level Speed:

230 - 245 km/hr

Cruise speed:

200 - 220 km/hr

Stall Speed:

90 - 105 km/hr

Max. Rate of Climb:

3 - 4.5 m/sec


3500 -4000 m

Take Off Roll: 390 - 450 m
Landing Roll: 350 -400 m
Range: 900 -1100 Km

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